We’re Giving Back This ‘Black Friday’

We spent a lot of time this year trying to work out how to appeal to our customers during the crazy weekend that is ‘Black Friday’ weekend. We considered lots of different discount models and offers that would entice customers looking for a bargain to our store.

Do we give freebies? Do we give money off and freebies? Do we sell our brand integrity down the river to this crazy new shopping craze that is sweeping across the UK??? Mmmmm. Okay so here’s the deal, we’re small, really small, compared to some of the largest retail chains on the high street we’re smaller than small fry, we’re like the size of the really small over cooked fry that everyone leaves on the side of their plate small……Does this mean then that we have to just follow the giants and try and replicate everything they do to be successful?? Well we think not!

We’ve always like to do things a little differently here at BBCo so this ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’ or what every you want to call this huge wave of craziness, we’ve decided to give the 15% discount that we were going to offer our customers this year and donate it to the bad ass plastic polluting crime fights, Surfers Against Sewage!

We will donate 15% of all sales received between Friday 24th November & Monday 27th to SAS which will mean that every customer that buys something from our store during this time frame will have helped combat environmental pollution. So to sum up our campaign, this BF we’ve decided to stick two fingers up to the norm and to the followers and instead keep hold of what is important to us and our brand and give something back. We can’t always keep taking otherwise they’ll be nothing left to take one day…..#GiveBack

Visit Our Online Store, Shop and we’ll donate!






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