Gift Your Gear

Here at BBCo when we set out to produce a new range of products we often go through numerous sampling stages to make sure our end product is fit for purpose and will preform against all of mother natures elements! From time to time things can go wrong and recently we found ourselves with a delivery of stock that had gone slightly wrong during the production process….So we sat around scratching our heads wondering what to do with our new delivery of stock which unfortunately we knew we couldn’t sell!

We strongly oppose landfill and unnecessary waste and having built our brand on the fundamentals of sustainability and responsibility letting perfectly functional clothing go to waste purely due to a manufacturing fault just wasn’t an option. After searching for recycling options we were pointed in the direction of a fantastic organisation called ‘ Gift Your Gear’.

Gift Your Gear supports community organisations, youth groups and charities working in the outdoors that often rely on donations of outdoor clothing and equipment. These organisations help support local communities, youth groups and other charities and  enable others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors, regardless of their circumstance.

A few emails later and our stock was on its way!

Queen Elizabeth Academy - Malham

Queen Elizabeth Academy – Malham 2017


Hayward Explorer Scouts

We’re pleased that these products found a new life and helped keep a few new young explorers warm whilst exploring the great outdoors.

If you have any outdoor equipment or clothing that could still be used and could help benefit these great charities, communities and organisation then drop the guys at Gift Your Gear an email and they’ll tell you how to donate you items.

Team BBCo

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