Behind The Seams

So some of you may have noticed that BBCo’s online store has been closed for business this last month. We decided to take the opportunity during the Summer months to re define our online presence and customer journey when visiting our web store.

We will be three years old this October so it was time to take stock of where our journey was going, and to spend time developing our new A/W collection which we feel is our best range of headgear to date. This Spring we decided to transfer the majority of our production back home to the UK as we felt that a UK based product really reflects what we as a brand stands for which is; sustainability, quality, trace-ability, homegrown craftsmanship and creativity. The yarn used in our new ‘Origins’ fisherman’s beanie is sourced and spun in Yorkshire and then assembled by a family run business in the Midlands.


We felt it was important to tell the story of the production process of our products from the yarn spinning through to the finished product so we decided to make a short film following the journey and life cycle. We believe it is important for consumers to understand exactly where their clothing comes from so we hope our new short film which will be featured on our new webstore at the end of August will help give ‘you’ the potential customer a deeper insight in to how we produce your products.

pic 1

The heart of our business lies within the North of England, a once well know region for it’s textile industry, we hope that in some way we can do our bit to help sustain the quality craftsmanship that can be found in our home county and keep this tradition going a little longer.

Make sure you look out for the British wool logo on our all of our locally produced products and be sure to come visit us in August









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