Outdoor Inspirations

For A/W 17/18 we are launching a selection of carefully curated outdoor products to sit along side our own here at BBCo, products which not only share our values, but items that we think our customers will love as much as we do.

Our first addition of outdoor inspired products is the Wisdom collection enamel mug, made for all those who love to travel and to sit around the camp fire. These mugs are produced with a Vegan soy candle which are eco friendly and are dedicated to nature. All candles are soy without any scent and feature a wooden candle wick. The Wisdom collection is designed by Jordi Trias, the winner of the Jon Brommets competition and handmade by the fabulous Emalco, a family owned company who have been making these magnificent enamel products for many years.

The products and many more will be available on our online store when we relaunch BBCo in August.

√ vegan

√ eco-friendly

√ gmo-free

√ cruelty-free

√ tested on us, not animals


Wisdom - Teal Candle - 01






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