The Making of a Freeski Movie – Behind The Scenes

One of the perks of being in the Wintersport industry is that we are able to get involved in and support some pretty exciting projects. This week we caught up with Ross Welch Producer & Director at Perspective Studios and one of the creators of this seasons hottest Freeski movies – Enjoy The Ride

How did you get in to film making?

Filming was really the silver lining for me. Having been a semi-professional freestyle skier for the past 7 years, injury inevitably caught up with me. It was through this injury and time off skis that I decided to start learning something new. Having always been on the other side of the camera, I thought that it was a good opportunity to create something myself.
Once I got the all clear to walk on the mountain, I was straight up there, filming friends and learning ‘what all those buttons actually do’. It was a great way to still feel a part of the sport without being able to partake.
We’re you inspired by any particular film makers (Brain Farm/Absinthe)
I’ve always been inspired by film companies such as Level 1 and Stept who produce some of the best movies skiing has to offer. Since turning my short term hobby into a full time business, I now have new found respect for companies like Brain farm and above, looking past the screen and seeing the level of detail behind the scenes.

How do you chose which skiers get to be included?

Tough question… There is no ‘selection process’ to be included in our films. Still being heavily involved in the snowsports scene, its normally people that have caught my attention – for the right reasons. It helps if they have a good bag of tricks but ultimately they need to be a team player and represent the business in a good light.

Are there any particular young riders we should be looking out for?
The UK scene is full of good talent at the moment and you only need to look at your local slope to see whats on offer. There are a few names flying around, such as Tom Greenway, Jasper Klein and Bradley Fry to watch but all of the young riders should just be having heaps of fun and keep on learning.
Do you chose a narrative of a movie first and this dictates the location or does the choice of location dictate the narrative? What comes first/Does one dictate the other?
We normally select the location first and think of how we can tell a story within that initial idea. It all kind of happens at the same time and normally its trying to narrow down a million ideas the team has had over the last year, into one!
We are now moving more into the streets and our urban sections/ locations are normally depicted on who has the best rails and is there snow?!
The films look seamless and continuous but how long does it actually take to produce something like this?
This year was probably the quickest production time as we had a solid storyboard. we spent a total of 4weeks filming and 3weeks editing…However, the process spans from December through till August and there isn’t a day where you’re not thinking about the film.
Then comes all of the post release content, so its a 15month project, which ever way you look at it!
What’s next?
For Perspective Studios its to keep growing and becoming the go to name for all things action sports!
With regards to the annual films, we have a super big project lined up for this year….Unfortunately its under wraps for the time being until we can get confirmation from the TV channels….(oops!)
What’s your dream location to shoot and why?
This sounds crazy, but I really want to film on an iceberg! I’ve had a vision for years to produce a one of a kind ski segment on the most remote location you can imagine. Just need a good backing!
Is there a particular skier/rider you’d like to work with?
Any of the Stept production guys, would be awesome. Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan, Cam Riley, just to have more of an insight to how they approach urban environments.
Why does it help to get brands like BBCo on board?
Brands are the only way we can make these ideas reality but it’s a two sided relationship. We help those brands grow and reach a whole new audience which enables them to reach their goals and dreams.
We have been working with BBCo since day one and together we have built our companies to a point where its much more than just annual sponsorship/ exposure. I guess we look to become friends with the brands we work for and continue that for the foreseeable future.
There must be some perks with filming in these amazing places with a solid crew, is it a bit like lads on tour? Spill the beans!
I personally feel so fortunate that I have been able to travel the world skiing and now continue that on the other side of the camera surrounded by great friends. When we are filming, its always a good time, lots of banter but everyone is focused on the task in hand. Normally due to snow conditions and time restraints,we are building, riding and filming all hours of the day so there is little time for your typically ‘lads on tour’ antics – especially when you have to wake up at 4am to jump off a building on to the road….

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